ARC 2020

6th Annual Adjunct Rhetoric Conference

University of San Francisco
February 29, 2020

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Are you a teacher of rhetoric, writing, or communication? Then please join us at the 6th Annual Adjunct Rhetoric Conference (ARC)! This conference is free and hosted by the University of San Francisco. Our goal is to celebrate and share the innovative pedagogy and research done by part-time faculty in rhetoric and rhetoric-adjacent fields in the Bay Area. This year, we are excited to host presentations from a record number of outside universities and colleges, including: San Diego State, CSU Monterey Bay, Sonoma State, Santa Clara, University of Nevada (Reno), CCA, CCSF, and SFSU.

When: Saturday February 29th, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Where: Kalmanovitz Hall, University of San Francisco

Map of USF campus with Kalmanovitz Hall marked

Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be served

Click here for the presentation schedule and list of abstracts
ARC 2020 aims to be as paper-free as possible. If you’d like to refer to a paper schedule on the day of the conference, please print this document before you arrive
Questions or concerns? Please see our FAQS below, and/or contact our committee co-chairs, Maree Caput ( and Leigh Meredith (

Conference Date: Saturday, February 29th, 2020
Conference Location: University of San Francisco


Who is eligible to present, and who is eligible to attend?

All are eligible – and very welcome – to attend! This conference is for everyone teaching or interested in the fields of rhetoric, writing, and communication.

Because our goal is to celebrate the pedagogical and research contributions of adjunct faculty, only adjunct faculty are eligible to present.

Who counts as an “adjunct”?

The reason we focus on “adjunct” faculty is that those faculty tend to be marginalized (in terms of contract length, job security, and pay — and so, relatedly, in terms of their “voice” in the field). So, the short answer is: if you or your department considers you to be an adjunct, and so marginalized or peripheral in some way, then so do we. That may mean you have a part-time contract, or a year-long non-renewable contract. We’re interested in your self-identification, not in policing your contract length.

Can adjuncts from departments/fields other than rhetoric and composition present?

Yes! We welcome adjuncts from other departments and fields to share their experiences in teaching rhetoric, writing, and communication for a particular audience or in a specific context. For example, if you teach ESL, psychology, or history and want to present on how you teach response writing, synthesizing texts, or evaluating sources in those contexts, we’d love to hear from you. If in doubt, email us.

Can groups of two or more people submit in the “Interactive Workshops” category?

Yes! If you each have a very short activity (say, 10 mins each). Otherwise, we recommend submitting individually. Alternatively, if two or more people want to work together to facilitate a single activity, that’s fine too.

I’m not sure what category my presentation fits into…what should I do?

Contact us! Email our committee co-chairs, Maree Caput ( and Leigh Meredith (

Hope to see you at the conference!
USF Adjunct Faculty Conference Committee
Maree Caput
Leigh Meredith
Leslie Dennen
Elizabeth Hille
Genevieve Leung
Stephanie Levin
Todd Lewis
Myrtis Mixon
Meredith Olson
Julia Schulte