AI Course Policy Sample

Every instructor is strongly encouraged to have a course specific AI policy included in their syllabus. If you have not had time to consider all the possibilities, it might be helpful to read through Lance Cummings short blog post on creating an AI Policy before crafting your own. Or feel free to utilize the one below:

AI can both hinder and enhance our capacity to learn. Therefore, we must learn how to recognize when it impedes us and when it provides us with new understanding. In this course, you may use AI-generated text to supplement and broaden your own ideas and creativity, but be mindful of how AI text shapes your thinking and communication. Additionally, you will be expected to adequately cite your use of AI (MLA and APA guidelines are available). Remember AI-assistance is a form of collaboration that can help you think in new ways, but only you can make judgements and choices about content. Please keep in mind that there may be certain assignments that will be designated as AI-free writing to emphasize the importance of human generated content. (policy adapted from iSophist Lance Cummings)

Please keep in mind because of the dynamic nature of technology we will continue to discuss the impact of AI in the writing classroom and refine how we use it and address it each semester.