Entertaining Speech Criteria

Patrick McDonnell
Goal: The goal of this speech is for you to deliver an entertaining speech on a topic about a personal experience that had a significant influence on your personal development or which taught you a profound moral or ethical lesson about life.

Requirements: This speech is to be 5 minutes long; no longer and no less. Failing to stay within the time frame will result in a grade reduction. You are required to hand in a general purpose statement, a specific purpose statement and a central idea prior to the speech that expresses what you are going to talk about. The speech cannot be delivered without the statement.

Assignment Guidelines:

  1. The speech should be structured and delivered within the time frame
  2. The speaker should effectively manage speech anxiety, deliver the speech in a conversational style illustrating eye contact, vocal clarity, face and hand gestures, and avoid distracting mannerisms.
  3. The speech should be focused and have a major point or underlying theme that is appropriate for the audience and meets assignment criteria.
  4. The speech should use clear, understandable and audience appropriate language.
  5. The speaker hands in a typed-written general purpose statement, specific purpose statement and central idea that avoids typos and grammatical errors.