Informative Speech Criteria 5 Minutes

Patrick McDonnell
Goal: The goal of this assignment is for you to deliver an informative speech on a topic that is relevant to the audience, that you have personal experience with that is well organized, uses documented supporting evidence, is delivered clearly, extemporaneously and accurately, and enhances the audience’s understanding and appreciation of the topic.

Purpose: The purpose of the speech is to illustrate clear and expressive speech delivery skills while integrating research and evidence to enhance the audience’s understanding and appreciation of the historical topic of your choice, as well as utilizing patterns of organization, development speech content in a vivid and descriptive manner and integrating visual aids.

Assignment Criteria:

  • An attention-grabbing introduction that clearly states the subtopics of the speech.
  • A method of organization appropriate to the topic, purpose and audience.
  • The speaker establishes his or her experience with the subject.
  • The speaker makes the topic relevant to the audience’s frame of reference.
  • The information is clearly organized, developed and achieves audience retention.
  • The speaker utilizes examples, descriptions and a variety of supporting evidence.
  • The speaker thoroughly cites two credible sources in the speech
  • The conclusion reinforces the central idea and leaves a lasting impression.
  • The speaker uses effective delivery including verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • The visual is clear, informative and vibrant.
  • The speech is delivered within the assigned time frame
  • The outline is developed, organized, cites sources and attaches a reference list.

A completed typed and printed outline is due on the day of your speech and should replicate the outline provided in class as a model.