Spring 2018 Triads

Spring 2018 Triads

Building a Persuasive Speech by Mark Merrit, Devon Holmes, and Brian Dempster
Assignment: Building a Persuasive Speech

Designing and Delivering Informative Speeches by Jacquelyn Horton, Brandon Janiak, and Patricia Kalman
Full Course: https://spark.adobe.com/page/BKWnkC0TMfrO0/

Storytelling in Writing and Speech by Roberta D’Alois, Bob Bathrick, and Michael Rozendal
Overview: Storytelling in Writing and Speech
Assignment Sheet: StorytellingforTruth v6
Lesson Plan: Storytelling – Outline for Speech

Speaking Assignment in a Writing Class/Writing Assignment in a Speaking Class by Deborah Callister, Michael Hammond, Brian Vannice, and Rick Roberts
Full Course: https://prezi.com/view/URV0knJ04WYk3A9we9Eu/

Sustainability and Carbon Footprint by Kara Knafelc, Elizabeth Hille, Ellen Thompson, and Leslie Dennen
Syllabus Outline: Sustainability & Carbon Footprint syllabus
Assignment essays: Sustainability & Carbon Essay1, Sustainability & Carbon Essay2, Sustainability & Carbon Essay3
Assignment speech: Sustainability & Carbon Speech assignment
Scaffolding: Sustainability & Carbon Scaffolding
Oral Presentation of your Research Paper: Sustainability & Carbon Oral Presentation Research Paper
Oral Presentation Grading Sheet: Sustainability & Carbon Oral Presentation Grading Sheet

Attitudes towards Authority by Leigh Meredith, Maree Caput, Jill Schepmann, and Tika Lamsal
Assignments (3 essays, 1 group speech, 1 individual speech, proposal pitch): https://prezi.com/view/hUbJLFr0j3bIHiifzake/

Rhetorical Analysis by Julia Schulte, Michelle LaVigne, and Jonathan Hunt
Triad poster:
triad poster
Assignments: Rhetorical Analysis Bookstore Assignment, Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Food Defines Us by Vanessa Clark, Sabrina Nelson, David Masterson, and Sue Bae
Poster overview: Food Defines Us Poster
Sample assignment instructions: Food Defines Us Sample Assignment

The Citizen Voice: Supporting student voices and agency by James Warren Boyd, Veronica Andrew, Rob Boller, and Kirsten Hilbert
Overview: The Citizen Voice Overview
Syllabus highlights: The Citizen Voice Syllabus
Lesson Plans and Rubrics: The Citizen Voice Lesson Plans & Rubrics